Skye Profile Photo April 2020 Cropped US

The eldest of six children, Skye grew up in New Zealand on Napier hill. Sisters, brothers, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins made a big whanau. University, marriage, travel, and two children, came in quick succession. Fourteen years of marriage ended with a sad divorce. A solo parent of her ASD son, she returned to Napier to live. Painter, writer, illustrator, and caregiver, Skye also loves to garden, sing, dance, pray and meditate. She says; “My books arise out of an inner impulse, some call a ‘download.’ It’s not by linear thought. I’m more of a messenger, or a flute. My latest book, ‘GIFT An evolution story’ arises through a lifetime of Creative Process, whereby my small self has gradually become more of my True Self. I AM now a more conscious co-creator, aware of the GIFT of life and in love with Creation, the Christ vibration of Universal Love - Cosmic Consciousness, and the mystery of the Creator, the Source of All that is. I dedicate this book to you, dear reader and to Aliveness.”
‘ … And who is this aliveness that I AM? Could it be the Holy One?’

Skye Isaac